Out, I say, Out!

MushroomOut is one of the more impressive 3-letter words found in English.  Such utility for this tiny little word.  This is just a sample that came to mind as I pondered my navel (not an out-y, by the way)…

Out (not in) — I’m going out for awhile.

Out (exposed) — I’m going to out myself to my folks tomorrow.

Out (presented) — The sixteen year old attended her coming out ball with her uncle.

Out (baseball) — That’s the third strike and you’re out!

Out (excised) — The painful sliver had to be cut out.

Out (location) — The briefcase was left right out in the open.

Out (escape) — He was cornered at the edge of the cliff and looked for an out.

Out (alibi) — Trapped by his lies, he needed another out.

Out (crazy) — Ignore him, everyone knows his mind is out to lunch.

Out (missing) — It would have made sense if she hadn’t left a critical word out.

Out (depleted) — I’m just all tuckered out.  Plus we’re out of food!

Out (separated) — They had a bad falling out before the divorce.

Out (cease) — You kids, cut it out right now!

Out (vacated) — The mushroom got too big so the fairy (or was it a gnome) moved out.

That’s probably more than enough for now.  But look at that mushroom!  Must be a fairy or gnome lurking nearby.

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