Rambling Lines


The simple word, Lines, has so many different meanings and ways of being interpreted.

They can be nouns — Lines in the sand, lines of demarcation, lines of people.

Or they can be verbs — The crowd lines the street, the baker lines her pans.

Mast Lines

Lines can be visually static, showing the architectural ruins of ancient stadiums.  They can show recent action, the erosion lines from geysers and hot springs.  They can convey motion, fluttering mast lines on the open waters.

Delphi Stadium

They can actually be static lines, as the static lines in airplanes with parachutists hooked up to them so their chutes open automatically as they exit the plane.

Lines can evoke emotions.  The seeming futility of waiting in endlessly long lines at an amusement park, inert, not moving (literally).  Then frustration occurring as those with VIP passes move with amazing speed to the front of lines.

They give direction.  Some lines start here.  Some lines say move to the end.

There are fishing lines, comedians straight lines, actors lines.  The Eagles “Life in the Fast Lane” noted there were “lines on the mirror, lines on her face”, one leading to the other?

Lines can be straight, curved, angled.  You can sketch pretty decent mountains just with angled lines.  Add a few horizontal lines and you’ll get snow-capped mountains.

And, of course, there are lines in geometry.  Lines are the distance between two points, A and B.  Lines have length, but do not have width.  A geometrical plane has both length and width, and two planes which intersect form a line.  Because lines have no width, there are an infinite number of lines which can be formed from intersecting planes.

This is enough lines for now.

3 thoughts on “Rambling Lines”

    1. Thank you! We were in Yellowstone, the day after the U.S. government shutdown ended. Pretty much had the entire park to ourselves which we enjoyed immensely.


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