It’s a blustery day, Pooh!
Double Rainbow
The morning started with sunny blue skies in the east, menacing dark clouds to the west, winds howling through the trees and strewing broken branches around the neighborhood, with heavy rainfall creating lakes in the streets and waterfalls from the eaves.

All in all, a typical April day here in the Pacific Northwest — though maybe not the type of weather the outdoor Saturday Market was hoping for as they celebrate the opening day of their new season.

The rainbows were a surprising bonus.  With the storms coming in from the west, then making their exits to the east, we usually see rainbows in the afternoon as the clouds clear and the sun shines on the lingering clouds stacking up by the Cascade foothills.

But this morning, the Dawn Goddess looked favorably upon us.  Before the gathering storm could blot out the rising sun the rainbows appeared in the west.  Complete rainbows arching their way from south to north, anchored to homes across the narrow valley below us, the rainbows came and went a few times before the sun finally hid above the clouds.

Crash!  Excuse me while I go pick up the (heavy) ceramic figurine which just blew off our top deck.

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