A Poppy Rises Anew

Poppy Budding

Our second poppy bud of the spring quietly emerges, awakening itself slowly in the gradually warming soil, readying itself to unfurl toward the brightening skies.

Our first bud awoke, alas, a couple of weeks too soon.  Inert now, done in by a late spring frost, still it stands erect as a sentinel, the silent harbinger of warmer days to come.

Icelandic Poppy
Looking Forward to Their Arrival


5 thoughts on “A Poppy Rises Anew”

    1. Thanks for visiting!

      It’s an Icelandic poppy, and will likely have frilly white petals, like crinkled paper, with a bit of color striation, and bright yellow and orange stamens in the center.

      White poppies are usually the norm, but we also get a few bright reddish orange buds which are a nice addition. They reseed each year, and it’s always a fun mystery to see which colors will emerge.


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